SEKTOR CUTTING EXPERT was born in 2023 as a commercial brand of the bi-metal division of Turri Technologies Srl driven by the need to design, develop and produce innovative and specialized tools for the complexity of cutting operations over a wide range of materials.

Today, Turri Technologies Srl, with over 30 years of experience making bandsaw blades, has two privately-owned factories equipped with production lines to process steel and obtain high-performance tools, designed and developed entirely by our own internal team. Turri Technologies Srl has always sought the best quality in raw material. The rolled steel, for example, which we use in blade production comes from manufacturers who share our dedication to excellence.
Our desire to propose and offer to the market improved tools for universal application or specialized tools to fill technical gaps, has been a long journey.  This has given birth to a complete product portfolio of bandsaw and circular saw blades joined with an in-depth technical assistance for every type of process.

Thousands of hours of product testing and thousands of customer-certified machining reports, with the support of our tool engineering department, have contributed significantly to the commercial development of these products. Users and retailers in Europe and the rest of the world have immediately formed consensus about the high quality and ease of use of these products.

With a stock of product measurable in hundreds of tons of material, we promise the customer availability and prompt delivery, thus allowing us to expedite orders and become an important technological partner.  To date we enjoy a continuous positive growth in the market with our products, distributed under the SEKTOR CUTTING EXPERT brand, which best identifies who we are and what we offer.


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