Customer Service


Our customers enjoy an attentive consultation service carried out by our technical representatives covering the entire product range prior to the sale.

A lasting partnership is the goal of SEKTOR CUTTING EXPERT to gradually optimize your production processes in a reasonable time.

Creating the best conditions with the customer and establishing the right collaborative relationship to achieve their goals.

SEKTOR CUTTING EXPERT can respond to technical product and use questions in the following way:
  • Production problem analysis, focusing specifically on the problem in the process or simply optimizing the job.
  • Choice of product for problem resolution or to achieve the best objective.
  • Careful evaluation of the stock composition of the customer’s materials to reduce ordering and backlog logistics for blade use.
  • Metallurgical and mechanical analysis in collaboration with universities/research centers.
  • Possibility of obtaining technical or metallurgical information regarding the workability of metals through tests conducted with SEKTOR CUTTING EXPERT’s partners.
  • Assisted selection of bandsaw or circular blade.
  • Check the conditions of the saw with a cyclical processing program to identify weak points.
  • Support and demonstration of the product during the initial phase with recommended parameters.
  • Joint collaboration on selection of processing parameters taking into account individual priority and efficiency of operations.
  • Possibility of creating individual products for special requests, for example stringent requirements for cutting thickness.
  • Professional technical service with continuous attention to the customer’s operation history, resolving any anomalies that may arise.
  • Optimization of the process by providing processing parameters aimed at achieving the goal.
  • Final evaluation on the results of the product and comparison with the previously achieved standards.
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