Metal industry solutions


In the automotive sector numerous complex qualitative and technical requirements determine the choice of steel used.  Recently, increasing investment...


The search for more efficient engines to lower fuel consumption and reduce environmental impact has increased competition for the improvement of metal...


In the marine environment, the corrosive action of salt water and its atmosphere is the constant factor to which only austenitic stainless steels, PH, duplex and nickel alloy..


STEEL PRODUCERS the production of flat and long products, tubes for the manufacturing industry combined with mechanical and civil engineering. Billets..

Steel Construction

Companies that process steel profiles with drilling and cutting to measure with orders in variable batches. Main application in civil, construction and environmental...

Non-ferrous Metals

NON-FERROUS METAL FOUNDRIES ingot casting, continuous casting, centrifugal casting, sand and shell gravity casting, molten titanium ingots, aluminum bars..

Energy production/Petrochemical

PETROCHEMICAL PLANTS, OFFSHORE DRILLS The demand for oil and gas in the coming years is destined to increase, supported by the needs of the Asian markets...

Moulds and Machines

MOLD MANUFACTURERS tool steels for hot deformation >200 °C, molds for forging, hot stamping, metal extrusion and forming, molds for plastic materials, aluminum die casting..


WORK MACHINERY, TRACTOR ENGINEERING, wear-resistant manganese steel plates, hardened and tempered alloy steels, structural steel tubes and profiles..


Building materials such as aerated concrete, porous brick, solid brick.

Reinforced Materials

PMC polymer matrix composites and MMC metal matrix composites. Polymer-fibre composite materials, for frames, airfoils, cockpits, bodywork, aerodynamic..

Construction Machinery

Excavators, tower cranes, construction winches. Hardened and tempered alloy and non-alloy steels, for case hardening, welded structural steel assemblies for frames...

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